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Recognizing Herta Herzog: A Pioneer in Market Research

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In the world of market research, few names stand as tall as Herta Herzog. Born in 1910, Herzog was a psychologist and market researcher who revolutionized the way we understand consumer behavior. She is widely recognized for her pivotal role in introducing qualitative market research methods to Madison Avenue advertising agency McCann Erickson, now known as McCann Worldgroup.

Herzog's innovative approach to market research, particularly her development of focus groups and other qualitative research techniques, broke new ground in the mid-20th century. These methods allowed companies to delve deeper into the minds of consumers, uncovering motivations, preferences, and behaviors that quantitative data alone could not reveal.

Her work, specifically her uses and gratifications approach to the study of radio broadcast programs, paved the way for modern marketing methods. She examined how consumers borrowed experiences from media, providing invaluable insights into audience engagement.

Herzog's legacy continues to shape the field of market research. Her pioneering methods are still widely used today, helping businesses around the globe understand their audiences better and create more effective marketing strategies.

As Driven to Succeed continues to deliver top-notch market research services, we draw inspiration from Herta Herzog's groundbreaking work. Our team, composed predominantly of women, is committed to continuing her legacy by using innovative research methods to provide our clients with deep, actionable insights into their target markets. Contact us to find out how we can help your company.


Driven to Succeed is an award-winning market research and consulting firm that connects the dots to unleash growth for mid-market companies and Fortune 500 brands. We are powered by a team with multiple zones of genius who use empathy, intuition, and insights to help brands grow, and people thrive. Our expertise includes research, analytics, brand management, and marketing in Consumer Packaged Goods, Healthcare Biopharma, Food & Beverage, Financial Services, and beyond. Learn more at and schedule a time to connect.

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