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Global Qualitative Market Research

We lead empathy-rich conversations then Translate ‘So What’ into ‘Now What’™,  deliver a visually engaging graphic report and 10-15 minute video highlight reel 

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Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research

THE CHALLENGE: Most consultants deliver long, unengaging PowerPoint decks and Word documents that are rarely viewed after the presentation. Plus, many haven't managed P&Ls and may not fully understand the opportunities and implications of research. 

This wastes the company’s money, the team's time, and often customers never benefit from the innovation that could have resulted from the research.

OUR SOLUTION: We offer a variety of qualitative research approaches:

focus groups
in depth interviews
Concept LABS 

We immerse ourselves into the culture and environment of the respondents. We've converted over 20 years of marketing, brand management, and in-home ethnography expertise to create EthnoGraphics™, a unique combination of qualitative research and visual stimuli from respondents. 

Through virtual or in-person  research with highly qualified respondents, we discover meaningful insights. 

Then, we leverage first-hand insights, marketing and P&L experience to Translate Insights into ‘So What’ and ‘Now What’™ and present deliverables that engage employees as much as our research engages consumers. This includes: 

  • A visually engaging 6 to 8-page graphic report 

  • A 10 to 15-minute video highlight reel of the best consumers or respondents

  • A ready-to-share executive summary with recommendations to drive faster actions and outcomes

Plus, clients are always welcome to observe both virtual and in-person research


These executive summaries capture key research findings
and are followed by a more detailed report.
The examples are from 10+ years ago to preserve confidentiality.   

Market Research Executive Summary Map Boomers and Wellness
Market Research Executive Summary Map Allergy

Here's a sample page with more details from a market research report 

Market Research Executive Summary Map Care Giving
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Global Capabilities

We have access to a database of over 60 Million respondents,
and can provide both qual and quant research in 50 countries across six continents

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