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Brand Strategy and Innovation

We help your team navigate the fuzzy front end of marketing to innovate and grow

Qualitative Research
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"Kristin has rich experience in building businesses. As an intrapreneur and entrepreneur, she has consistently achieved objectives and inspired masses. Let her thoughts positively transform               what you can do today!"

-Dawn W. Thompson, Executive Vice President & Head of Marketing, Strength of Nature

"Kristin is a unique talent in that she excels at building businesses, brands, and people. At both Hershey and Cardinal Health, Kristin stood apart from her peers in all three of these areas.
Additionally, Kristin brings a positive energy and focus on achieving potential to everything and everyone she touches."

-Leonora Polonsky,  Passionate Brand Strategist
CEO and Founder, Leonora Polonsky & Associates

“Thanks for your excellent research leadership and recommendations.
I’ve gone through some research projects in previous decades, and we never really understood how to take action from the findings so appreciate you leveraging your marketing experience to help us move                           forward.”

— Julie, Marketing Content Manager

Financial Services 

"Kristin is one of those rare leaders who not only can develop an aspirational vision grounded in rich consumer insights and business context, but also develop an execution plan to win in the marketplace."

— Nehal Patel, Director, Corporate Strategy,
The Hershey Company

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