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Brainstorming reimagined

Our magical combination of structured spontaneity + proprietary Tools + real-time graphic recording  helps your team generate extraordinary ideas

Better Ideaz™ Brainstorming

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THE CHALLENGE: Businesses crave three things: order, control and predictability. 

However, what new ideas need to flourish is chaos, messiness, and uncertainty. 

Brainstorming, as practiced by most groups, has three fatal flaws:

1. Not enough freedom when the ideation process is too controlled

2. Not enough brain stimuli so the ideas are too close in

3. Not enough diversity because of overreliance on team expertise

OUR SOLUTION: Our proprietary Better Ideaz™ 4.5-hour virtual or in-person process provides the structure businesses thrive on with the spontaneity that produces extraordinary ideas

The result is consistently better, faster, and more productive sessions that lead to stand-out products, services, and ideas, actionable strategies, and successful solutions

Plus, it’s an opportunity for your team to bond in a fun, engaging environment

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Example of graphic recording from a Better Ideaz™ session

Beef Industry Graphic Recording.jpg


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"I always thought of myself as a logical scientist. After learning the Better Ideaz System, I'm a magician"

-Jose, New Product Developer Health Care

We spent four days doing an amazing process of Kaylie's and we came away with three products that went to shelf"

-Brent, Brand Manager Body Wash

"Kaylie's brainstorming is wonderful and we got an extra bonus: greater group cohesion"

-Terry, VP of Innovation Beverages

"We had so much fun ideating. Who knew my team was so good at it"

-Marianne, VP of Marketing Healthy Snacks

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