Who We Are

We love brands. Marketing. Innovation. Helping businesses and people thrive. And having fun along the way.  ​

We're achievers who thirst for results, and won't stop until our clients win.

That's why we're Driven to Succeed. 

A team of marketers. Brand leaders. Market researchers. People leaders. Fortune 500 General managers who've had P&L responsibilities.

We build brands and advance careers.


I am Kristin Harper, award-winning businesswoman, author, speaker and third generation entrepreneur. With over 30 years of leadership and brand management experience--from startups to Fortune 500 global Billion Dollar brands--I established Driven to Succeed in 2018.

I'm thrilled to team up with my long-time market research vendor, turned friend and mentor, Kaylie Dugan. From Brand Manager to Director to VP, I hired Kaylie at each company I worked. She's created novel, proven approaches to building consumer intimacy and generating innovative ideas.

With Kaylie, a market research extraordinaire, Brandon, brand strategist and videographer, Leah, client manager and executive assistant, and I, we combine head and heart with smarts and intuition to help you shine.

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I am blessed to have a wonderful career as Market Researcher and the Brainstorming Queen. Here's the story. 

After 10 years of getting really good as a quantitative research supplier to Fortune 500 companies, I started looking for something more stimulating. I switched to qualitative, but focus groups seemed underwhelming to me. Then I discovered ethnographies. I loved it from the start. Over time, I developed lots of new ways to get inside consumers' heads and hearts. 

Soon clients asked if I could help them be more creative. Before I knew it, I was leading brainstorming sessions and reinvented the whole ideation process to birth The Better Ideaz System. Turns out I have a natural flair for designing creativity tools that help people come up with brilliant ideas. 

I live on the Central Coast of California, a place often referred to as Paradise. I love singing as a rockin’ girl tenor in a community choir. I’m an avid fan of the Golden State Warriors and can be found at flea markets looking for hidden treasures. 

My life is oh so very good!


Kaylie Dugan

Market Research Extraordinaire

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I am Brandon “TheNetworkKing” Alexander, brand strategist and content creator with over 16 years of experience in visual marketing and branding. As a #CorporateCreative, I've created engaging promo, recap and interview content across the entertainment, toy, media, music, and spirits industries, to name a few.


They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words. Videos are even better. That's why I capture the most compelling consumer quotes that summarize hours of ethnography research into a few minutes, so you can deepen consumer intimacy and unlock new growth opportunities for your brand.  


Brandon Alexander 

Videographer & Content Creator 


People and projects are my passion. My blend of leadership development, project management, and retail operations helps me quickly build rapport while accomplishing the goal.  

I'm a South Florida native who loves the freedom of working in a variety of industries -- from public relations to tech startups to event planning.


Within Driven to Succeed, I work with clients and consumers to create a seamless experience from beginning to end. 

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Leah Lewis  

Executive Assistant & Client Manager